Easy ways to grow Mushrooms at home

Below are a few helpful links to videos showing growing your own mushrooms at home with some suggestions of extras of our own :)

The best place to start is the PF tek,

using brown rice flour and vermiculite you can grow mushrooms in small jars to see if you like doing it 

Lets grow Mushrooms PF TEK - all you need are some mason jars water bath to sterilise, brown rice flour, vermiculite and an oyster LC syringe 

One of the easiest methods of growing oyster mushrooms is on Straw

there are 2 main ways of preparing straw, Chopped strain more than doubles yields so is highly recommended  

Optional extra you can use up to 30% fresh coffee grinds (within a day old) with straw or sawdust for extra nutrients 

Heat Pasteurising - best for success 

a few great easy videos are 

Lets grow mushrooms Straw - dont forget to watch the 2nd half on bagging and fruiting 

How to Grow Mushrooms on Straw - great video start to finish, also has a 2nd video explaining great places to fruit them and shows his fruiting 

Cold Pasteurising - Slightly harder to get right but minimal equipment needed 

a few different ways to Cold pasteurise Straw are in 44 galloin drums  

1. 355 g per 200 L water of hydrated lime (Calcium hydroxide )(Rockwell Lime Co. Manitowoc, WI, 54220)

2. 710 mL per 200 L water 5% Chlorine Bleach (Clorox Co. Oakland, CA 94612

3. 240 g per 200 L water Tri Sodium Phosphate (Savogran Co. Norwood MA 02062)

3. 120 g clothes washing powder per 200 L water (Tide brand clothes washing detergent, Procter & Gamble, Cincinnati, OH)

After soaking in the above solutions for 24 hrs, the straw was laid out on top of large metal racks and drained in the same manner as the fermented straw.

a great paper on this is Simplified and Lower Cost Methods for Mushroom Cultivation 

After the straw is drained enough loaded into straw lots bags with 5%-10% Oyster spawn evenly mixed

we recommend start at 10% and work your way back as you get better 

Growing on Sterilised Sawdust - Most mushrooms grow with this method, a Pressure cooker and Flow hood is required for this way

lets grow mushrooms sawdust

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