Spawn & Cultures

Please note if you're a business and need to order regularly please contact us for wholesale pricing 

Below are the Mushroom Spawn products we offer,

Master Agar cultures and other products we offer for starting your own Mushroom growing projects,

All are Australian made under Laboratory conditions and shipped in Sterile bags or Jars

Most products are  In-stock and ship the next working day,

very rarely it may need to be made to order and if so it will ship  within 2 - 3 weeks from receiving payment

Please note during summer/ warmer months it is highly recommended to send your items express post if you're more than 2 days shipping from us!

Only pallet sized orders can be shipped cold freight as no companies will deliver small boxes  cold freight

All of our cultures are commercial strains and we are licensed to sell them

Please note WA and TAS Customers Aussie Mushrooms kits and spawn have been approved to be imported into these states and all orders have our permit attached to them and there are no restrictions on our products

Please Note TAS importers must fill out a letter of intent to import, we do this as a free service to tas customers

Please note WA customers, sometimes WA customs will inspect the packages and charge an inspection fee, unfortunately, this is something we can not avoid, it doesn't happen often but it may happen to your package   

Please also see our Mushroom Spawn and Cultures sale agreement 

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