These are the same plates we use on our Commercial farm

properly sterilised at 121deg (monitored during autoclaving)

plates are poured and Cooled in our Class 100 Commercial labrotory so you know th plates are 100% clean when you start

we reccomend working in a still airbox at a minimum or infront of a flow hood

Please allow 5-10 working days for plates to be prepared 

Malt Extract Agar (MEA) is used for the cultivation of yeasts,
molds and fungi. Malt Extract Agar is composed of Malt Extract,
Peptone, Dextrose and Agar. Malt Extract, Peptone and Dextrose
serve as the nutritionally rich base which allows robust fungal

 The agar serves as the solidifying agent. 

Prepoured MEA
plates are ready to use. 

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Pre Poured Agar plates (MEA) x 10

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  • 2 or more $16.50

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